Women in Dentistry

From minority to majority

The DDS Class of 1963 included the first female graduate of the school. She's pictured in cap and gown with her classmates.

In March 2022, through a special project named "Women in Dentistry: A Glance Back and a Look Forward", the School of Dentistry celebrated women and their contributions to the healing art and science of dentistry. What once began as a predominantly male-dominated profession continues to attract a more diverse group of applicants.

Explore the trends

WVU School of Dentistry DDS programĀ 

Class of 1961
No female graduates

Class of 1963
One female graduate

Class of 1990
33 percent female

Class of 2002
51 percent female

Class of 2015
67 percent female

First dental hygiene graduates

Deborah Johnson and Carol McGill were the first two graduates of the dental hygiene program in 1965.

In 1965, the dental hygiene program graduated its first two students. They were Deborah Ann Johnson and Carol Ann McGill.