Alumni Photos

We have a smugmug site where we upload alumni event photos as often as possible.
The main link is
A gallery specific for alumni is at this link

Visitors to the site can download individual photos or complete albums for free. Here's how. 

1. Go to the alumni gallery.

You should see a page like the one below. 

Alumni smugmug gallery2. Click your album of choice. Example: For instance, if you click on Spring 2023 Alumni Weekend, you should see this:

Alumni smugmug folder

3. Click on the individual picture you want. Click the down arrow on the left to download the chosen photo. The download arrow is circled in red. 

Down arrow on left of page

4. To download an entire album of photos, click on the album. Then click the down arrow near the top right of the page beside a green "buy" button. It is highlighted and circled in red below. 

Download all pictures in album

Whether downloading a single picture or full album, the pictures will be saved somewhere on the device you are using.