The dental school hosts a multiple-day course to teach providers who to best address tobacco cessation.

Dentists and Hygienists: Lifelong learners.

Continuing education courses are offered annually through our tobacco cessation treatment training program, our alumni association and the orthodontics department.

Continuing Education

The West Virginia University Office of Continuing Education, School of Dentistry and School of Dentistry Alumni Association work closely together to provide opportunities for dentists, dental hygienists and auxiliary personnel throughout the state to continually maintain and enhance clinical skills.

The continuing education courses are coordinated to meet specifications of the West Virginia Dental Association, West Virginia Dental Hygienists Association, West Virginia Academy of General Dentistry and specialty groups throughout our state.

Conferences & Courses

The West Virginia University Office of Continuing Education and School of Dentistry work closely together to coordinate continuing education conferences and courses.

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Robert Wanker, DDS

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