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Alumni Board of Governors


Dr. Michael George
Dr. Michael George

DDS Class of 1984

Vice President

Dr. Michael Hazey

Dr. Michael Hazey
DDS Class of 2003

Board Representatives

Dr. David Bridgeman
DDS Class of 1980
Dr. Lori Gochenour
DDS Class of 2001
Dr. Keith Hildebrand
DDS Class of 1980
Dr. Greg Lacy
DDS Class of 1977
Dr. Loring Ross
DDS Class of 1978
Dr. Kerri Simpson
DDS Class of 2017
Dr. Ed Skidmore
DDS Class of 1966
Dr. James Szarko
DDS Class of 1976
Ms. M. Suann Gaydos
Dental Hygiene Class of 1994
Ms. Carly Scala
Dental Hygiene Class of 2014
Ms. Gina Sharps
Dental Hygiene Class of 1993


Cathy Boyce
Executive Director
Marilyn Powley
Secretary and Treasurer