New Student Requirements

Students who have been granted provisional acceptance, will receive an email via their MIX account from the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee which outlines the new student requirements. Final acceptance to the Department of Dental Hygiene is contingent based upon successful completion of the following:

  1. Successful completion of all courses currently enrolled and submit all final transcripts.
  2. Confirm via email, your receipt of the email message from the Department of Dental Hygiene (via that you will be attending your scheduled interview session.  If you do not respond within 10 working days from the date of the aforementioned email, you will forfeit your provisional admission and will not be considered for the upcoming freshman class.
  3. Complete the Criminal Background document.  Scan and email this document to as soon as possible to ensure the Committee will have your report prior to the interview. 
  4. Prior to the interview, you must complete:
    • Criminal background clearance
    • Shadowing forms (minimum of eight hours, although more are recommended)
    • Shadowing essay – what you experienced, watched, learned, etc. while shadowing 
    • Personal essay – one page essay outlining why you want to be a dental hygienist
  5. Complete required health evaluation forms by August 1 of your entering year.
  6. Attend WVU New Student Orientation on one of the dates provided by the Dental Hygiene program.
  7. Attend the Dental Hygiene Orientation picnic.

Background Check Requirement

In order to obtain full admission status, provisionally admitted students must successfully complete a background check. Recently admitted students must undergo a Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) within 30 days of your acceptance of our offer of provisional admission. You will find a consent form authorizing WVU to release your name, social security number, date of birth, and email address, to the selected background screening agency.You must return the “Acceptance Response and Background Investigation Consent Form” to let us know if you wish to accept or decline our offer of a provisional acceptance in the accepting class.

Once we receive your signed consent form, the School of Dentistry will release this information to Certiphi, Inc., a background screening agency designated by the school. Certiphi, Inc. will contact you via your MIX account for required payment and verification prior to conducting the background investigation. You will need to check you MIX account periodically for correspondence from Certiphi, Inc. Your anticipated cost is approximately $100.00, payable directly to Certiphi, Inc.

Certiphi will release the CBI report to you and the WVU School of Dentistry. Following the school’s review of the CBI findings, you will receive written notification regarding your admissions status. It is important to emphasize that failure to receive criminal background clearance as per the WVU School of Dentistry Criminal Background Investigation policy could result in rescission of our provisional offer of admission.

Personal Interview

The personal interview with the Dental Hygiene Committee will be conducted in a question / answer format.  Following the interview with the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee, if for any reason they do not feel you will be an acceptable candidate in the Program, your provisional acceptance will be rescinded at that time.

Shadowing Form and Essay

To be considered for acceptance to the Dental Hygiene Program, you must complete a minimum of eight hours of shadowing a Dental Hygienist, although more hours are recommended. Additionally, you will need to submit the shadowing form(s) and an essay describing your experience while shadowing. 

Personal Essay

The personal essay describing the reasons why you want to be a dental hygienist should not be longer than two pages.  Please include any community service or additional skills that should be considered for admission.  

Immunization Requirement

Students granted provisional admission to the WVU Dental Hygiene program are required to complete the Immunization Form included in your acceptance packet. This form will provide documentation of the following immunizations: DPT and Boosters (within the last 10 years), Polio, Measles (Rubeola), Mumps, Rubella, Varicella, Hepatitis B, and Meningococcal . Proof of a negative PPD (tuberculosis) test is required in the last 12 months which includes the date of test and result. The following immunizations are highly recommended, but not required: Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Pneumovax, and Influenza.

Titers are required for all immunizations listed in Bold, with corresponding lab reports.

Eye Examination Requirement

Students granted provisional admission to the WVU Dental Hygiene program are required to complete the Eye Examination Form included in your acceptance packet.

Physical Examination Requirement

Students granted provisional admission to the WVU Dental Hygiene program are required to complete the Physical Examination Form included in your acceptance packet.

Infectious Disease Policies

All dental health care workers are responsible for the compassionate and humane treatment for all patients with or without bloodborne infectious diseases. Within their realm of competency, dental health care workers engaged in patient contact at the West Virginia University School of Dentistry facilities may not refuse to provide the full range of treatment to a patient solely because of the patient’s bloodborne infectious disease status. Every dental health care worker in West Virginia is required by law to protect each patient’s rights to privacy and confidentiality regarding that patient’s bloodborne infectious disease status. If a bloodborne infectious disease patient presents for treatment outside of the realm of competency, it is the responsibility of the dental health care worker to refer this patient to a dental health care worker with appropriate training and equipment, supplies, and facilities for proper care to be completed.

The West Virginia University School of Dentistry shall provide instruction regarding bloodborne infectious disease infection and transmission to all faculty, staff, and students. In addition, the relevance of how such infection pertains to their personal health, dental health care practice, the public health, and their professional careers will be stressed. To minimize the risk of transmission of infection, all who are engaged in patient contact shall follow standard precautions in all patient care. The West Virginia University School of Dentistry shall make available essential supplies and equipment to allow compliance with these precautions.

As defined by the Robert C Byrd Health Sciences Center of West Virginia University’s Policy, refusal of health care and allied health care faculty, staff, students (except as noted for those with medical conditions that place the health care worker at a higher risk) to perform assigned clinical responsibilities for patients with bloodborne infectious diseases may be grounds for academic or disciplinary action including dismissal in accordance with West Virginia University and University of West Virginia Board of Trustees policies.

For more information, please read the below policies:

HSC Student Laptop Computer Program

When a student enters the sophomore year in Dental Hygiene, they will be participating in the Health Sciences Student Computer Program. This cost of the computer will be a separate item on the tuition and fees bill for the fall semester sophomore year.  The cost of this required laptop is a recognized educational requirement and will be included in financial aid calculations.  The laptop will be utilized in every class, including testing, and other out of class assignments.  Due to the security needed for specific programs on the laptop, students are unable to use their own computer for testing and classroom work.

For more information, please view the HSC Laptop Guide (PDF). If you have additional questions regarding the Health Sciences Student Laptop Computer Program, please email Lori Groover.