Dental Hygiene FAQs

General Questions

Is the WVU Dental Hygiene Program a two year or four year program?

WVU Dental Hygiene program offers a unique integrated four-year curriculum, culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree.  It is not structured like other programs that offer a Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene which require either one or two years of prerequisite courses (2+2 or a 1+3 programs).  The program does not offer a certificate or an associate degree.

How many applications does the Dental Hygiene Program receive each year?

On average, the Dental Hygiene Program receives more than 300 applications each year.

How many applicants are accepted each year into the Dental Hygiene program?

The Dental Hygiene program can accept up to 24 students each year.

Does Dental Hygiene accept an in-state applicant over an out-of-state applicant?

The Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee's decisions are based on an applicant's submitted information. No preference is given to in-state students over out-of-state students. Although, in the event of a tie between an in-state and out-of-state student, the committee would consider a WV applicant.

I am already a student at WVU or another institution.  Will my classes transfer into the dental hygiene program?

To assist in determining which courses may transfer to WVU, visit the transfer college credit page.  Students may be required to submit a course syllabus, schedule, and other information to assist in determining if the course can be transferred.

If my classes transfer into the dental hygiene program’s curriculum, what classes will I have to take in their place?

Students who have classes that transfer into the program will work with the dental hygiene academic advisor to develop a schedule. Students must maintain full-time status, 12 credit hours or more and are often encouraged to pursue a minor degree.

If I have taken most or all of the non-dental hygiene courses, can I finish the program in less than four years?

Students admitted as freshmen are eligible to complete the program in four years.  Students admitted as an advanced standing sophomores are eligible to complete the program in three years. 

Prior to application or admission into the dental hygiene program, can I tour the facilities?

Interested students can make an appointment with WVU Visitor Center for a tour of Morgantown and the downtown campus.  For a tour of the Health Sciences Center, where the Dental Hygiene Program is located, it is recommended to schedule for one of the Decide WVU dates.

Tuition and Aid

Where do I find information regarding financial assistance?

The Dental Hygiene Program does not handle financial aid or tuition reimbursement.  Please contact the WVU Cost and Aid page. Estimated fees do not include cost of materials and instruments.

Admission Requirements

Are there different types of admission?

Students are eligible to enter the Program as a first time freshman (immediately following high school), 2nd semester freshman, or advanced standing sophomore.

How many times a year does the Dental Hygiene Program admit students?

The Dental Hygiene Program admits students once a year, unless applicants have been granted special permission by the office to apply for admission in the Spring semester of the freshman year.

What are the qualifications for admission into the Dental Hygiene Program?

Minimum qualifications for direct admission as first time freshman:

  • GPA 3.7
  • ACT 24 (20 in math)
  • SAT 540 Combined Critical Reading & Math (540 in Math)
  • ALEKS test score of 40 or above

Students who do not meet the minimum requirements for direct admission, may be considered for admission into the Dental Hygiene Program.  These applicants will be placed in University Studies until the dental hygiene program reviews all applications for admission.

Which prerequisite courses must be completed prior to application?

There are no prerequisite courses for freshman entry into the Dental Hygiene Program.  The dental hygiene curriculum is designed to directly admit students out of high school. If a student is interested in Spring admit or advanced standing admissions see below.

What are the requirements for Spring admission?

The requirements for spring admission are the same as for regular admission into the Dental Hygiene program.  For spring admission, the student must:

  • Completed application must be received by the Dental Hygiene Program by October 1st which includes the personal statement, shadowing hours form, and the essay on the shadowing experience.
  • Meet for an advising appointment in the Dental Hygiene program to discuss the curriculum sometime during September prior to the October 1st
  • Achieved a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and a minimum science grade point average of 3.0.
  • Completed, or in the process of completing, Chemistry 111 or equivalent course.

What is Advance Standing Sophomore and how do I apply for it?

Students cannot apply for Advance Standing Sophomore status.  Admission is limited by class size and successful completion of college courses does not guarantee advanced standing admission.  To be considered for advance standing, applicants must meet certain criteria including;

  • Minimum overall grade point average of a 3.7 and a minimum science grade point average of 3.7
  • Successfully completed Chemistry 111 and 112, Biology 102 and 104, and PALM 107 (or their equivalents)

Is there a community service requirement to apply?

Community service is highly recommended. 

Application Process

How do I submit an application for admission?

Complete the WVU online application and choose dental hygiene as a major.  Applicants are available beginning July 1st; all applications must be received by February 1st.  Once the application is submitted online, applicants need to submit the following directly to the department as soon as possible:

  • Personal statement – explaining desire to be a hygienist
  • Shadowing form – which can be downloaded from the website. A minimum of eight hours shadowing a hygienist are required, although more is recommended.
  • Shadowing essay – on the experience received while doing the shadowing hours.

Additional application information can be found in new student requirements.

Even through the application deadline is February 1st, it is advantageous to send the application and documentation prior to this date.  Please call the Dental Hygiene office with any specific questions at (304) 293-3417 or email questions to

Where do I send my personal statement, shadowing hours form, and essay on the experience on the shadowing hours?

Please send documents directly to the Dental Hygiene Program via regular mail, email, or fax to:

Department of Dental Hygiene
1188 Health Sciences Center North
P.O. Box 9425
Morgantown, WV  26506-9425
Fax: (304) 293-4882

Where do I send recommendation letters?

Recommendation letters are not required for admission.

What application information does the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee review?

The Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee evaluates all application information and carefully reviews the personal statement, the overall and science grade point averages, shadowing form, and shadowing essay.  When reviewing the applicant’s transcripts, the Committee considers what classes they have completed and the grades earned. Additionally, they look for activities involving hand/eye coordination and any community service events in which the applicant has participated.

Is there a personal interview associated with my admission process?

Yes.  Students selected for an interview will be notified by email and/or a phone call with the date and time of the interview.  Interviews are conducted on Friday afternoons in the McMechen (Dental Hygiene) conference room.  If an applicant is out of state, the Dental hygiene Admissions Committee may hold a phone interview with the applicant at the schedule date and time.

How and when will I be notified if I have been admitted into the Dental Hygiene Program?

All students will be notified, in writing, or their acceptance or denial by the last week of March.  The Dental Hygiene office will not provide any information over the phone. Students offered provisional admission will receive an official letter and email (MIX account) from the Dental Hygiene Program and WVU concerning their admission.

I was accepted to WVU but I did not meet the qualifications for dental hygiene.  Why?

High school students who meet the minimum in both in grade point average and test score qualifications will be provisionally accepted via direct admission into dental hygiene.  Those who do not meet the minimum qualifications for direct admission will be placed in CLASS (Center for Learning, Advising, and Student Services) until their application is reviewed.

If I do not get admitted into the dental hygiene program the first time, can I re-apply and what do I need to do?

Beginning July 1st (next admission cycle) students may re-apply for admission the following Fall semester.  Students may only apply to dental hygiene for a total of three (3) times.  In addition to a new application, a new personal statement, new shadowing hours and forms, and a new essay on the shadowing experience must be submitted to re-apply to the Program.

After You Are Admitted

Where is the information on new student requirements?

Please review the new student requirements

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes.  All sophomores, juniors, and seniors in the dental hygiene program must wear a uniform.

Where do I purchase my uniform?

Instructions for purchasing a uniform can be found on student resources page under Dental Hygiene Professional Appearance Attire Addendum.

How much are uniforms and how many do I need?

Students should purchase a minimum of three sets of uniforms because they must be clean and pressed at all times.  Uniforms are roughly $150-250 for four pairs.

What kind of shoes and I allowed to wear with my uniform?

Students are required to wear black, closed toe shoes along with black socks.

Do Dental Hygiene students have to participate in community service?

Once in the program, admitted students are required to complete a minimum of 125 hours of community service to be eligible to graduate. Refer to the student resources page link to the Dental Hygiene Community Service and Service Learning Definitions section.