Dr. Robert E. Sausen Distinguished Service Award

2018 Dr. Robert E Sausen award winner Dr. Rob Waldrop.

The WVU School of Dentistry Alumni Association Board of Governors at their April 2010 meeting established the following policy (revised March 5, 2011) concerning the award:

  1. This award is to be presented to one senior dental and one senior dental hygiene student who during his or her four years has demonstrated the high ideals of service, such as loyalty, dedication, and integrity, to the School of Dentistry Alumni Association, the School of Dentistry, the community, and the dental profession as exemplified by Dr. Robert E. Sausen.
  2. Recipients of this award will be selected by the members of the Distinguished Service Sub-Committee of the Awards Committee which will be comprised of two of the DDS team leaders and two faculty members from the Division of Dental Hygiene. The sub-committee will be chaired by the Assistant Dean for Student and Alumni Affairs.
  3. The names of the two recipients selected will be reported to the Secretary Treasurer.
  4. The award will consist of an inscribed plaque.
  5. The award will be presented at the Senior Banquet or other designated function.

Distinguished Service Award Winners

  • 2011
    • D.D.S. - Lance Pittman
    • Dental Hygiene - Noel Dickens
  • 2012
    • D.D.S. - Teresa Capristo
    • Dental Hygiene - Chelsey Pritts
  • 2013
    • D.D.S. - Jennifer Gawthrop
    • Dental Hygiene - Shana Schell
  • 2014
    • D.D.S. - Holly Haldeman
    • Dental Hygiene - Carly Scala
  • 2015
    • D.D.S. - Tho-Xuan Nguyen
    • Dental Hygiene - Keiko Miller
  • 2016
    • D.D.S. - Andrea Hoke
    • Dental Hygiene - Marcie Kanosky
  • 2017
    • D.D.S. - Kerri Thomas
    • Dental Hygiene - Clair Mosesso