Rural Rotation

A six-week community-based clinical rotation in rural West Virginia is another opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience. 

Applicant considerations

Due to a large number of applications and limited class size, qualified West Virginia residents receive priority consideration, and outstanding nonresident applicants are also considered. Residency status is determined by the WVU Office of Admission in accordance to the Higher Education Policy Commission Rules and Policies, Series 25.  

The dental admissions committee utilizes a holistic selection process that takes into account cognitive and non-cognitive attributes in accordance with defined admission criteria.  Competition for admission has elevated the academic profile of admitted candidates to a rather high plateau. 

Non-resident applicants generally have earned a GPA of 3.75 and DAT scores of 19 or above. The School of Dentistry recognizes the importance of diversity in fulfilling its mission and encourages individuals from diverse backgrounds to apply.