Tobacco Treatment Training Program

Through our accredited Tobacco Treatment Training Program, the West Virginia University School of Dentistry manages a multi-faceted and evidence-based curriculum to educate health care professionals, from many disciplines, on how to help patients stop tobacco use.  

The Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Programs has granted accreditation to fewer than 20 such programs internationally and nationally. West Virginia University's dental school began offering courses in 2018.

The School of Dentistry and the West Virginia University Office of Interprofessional Education coordinate training sessions for professionals in the fields of medicine, dentistry, social work, pharmacy, nursing and public health to learn how to collaboratively offer tobacco cessation solutions for users.

Throughout the Tobacco Treatment Training Program, lectures, role playing and case presentations are utilized to discuss pharmacological and counseling interventions with patients interested in tobacco cessation. 

Participants who complete the WVU School of Dentistry's Tobacco Treatment Training Program

  • understand the science behind tobacco addiction, nicotine withdrawal symptoms and effective tobacco use treatments
  • inform patients about the causes and consequences of  tobacco use
  • develop individualized treatment plans
  • provide effective treatment for all tobacco and nicotine use
  • track patient progress and measure outcomes
  • educate others healthcare providers and the public about tobacco treatment issues.

This Tobacco Treatment Training Program is recommended for physicians, physician assistants, dentists, dental hygienists, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and any other health care provider that encounters tobacco using patients/clients.