Degree Requirements

  • Fulfill University requirements for graduate study.
  • Complete 34 months (three academic years) of consecutive full-time advanced study and clinical training at the School of Dentistry.
  • Complete an approved master’s thesis based on original research completed during the course of study in an area related to Orthodontics.
  • Must pass the Mock ABO clinical examination which includes a written and an oral examination.
  • Must pass the written component of the ABO examination.
  • Must successfully complete all didactic and clinical work in the required curriculum.
  • Must demonstrate satisfactory clinical competency in orthodontics.
  • Complete a minimum of 89 credit hours, including 63 hours of orthodontic courses and a minimum of 5 hours of selected basic science subjects, 6 hours of teaching practicum, and 15 hours of research/thesis.
  • Must adhere to the WVU Department of Orthodontics Policy Manual
  • Must exemplify the highest standards of professionalism, respect and ethics

Achieve a 3.0 GPA or an overall competence in the student’s field. A minimum grade of B must be earned in all work attempted in the master’s program. A grade of C or below in two courses will require a faculty review of the student’s progress. A third C or below will result in suspension from the program.