Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff are dedicated to the School’s mission of contributing to a learning environment that will address the oral health needs of the citizens of West Virginia and beyond.

Faculty members are actively involved in various national and local dental associations and are often recognized for their outstanding work in teaching, service, research, and charitable outreach efforts.

Faculty and staff work together to provide excellent experiences for all who come in contact with the School of Dentistry and its clinics. The combined efforts of all team members translates into accomplishment for the School and students, as well as improved health for all patients!

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A skilled staff and excellent faculty are the backbones to the WVU School of Dentistry and WVU Dental. We are often celebrating a person’s new career, transition, retirement or new opportunity. We do our best to share the names and a little about each person with our dental school students, faculty and staff. We would also like to recognize and appreciate them through an online list, Hail, Transition and Farewell.

There is a possibility a name has inadvertently been left off of this list. As it is a new objective for us to acknowledge these incredible WVU School of Dentistry and WVU Dental employees, we encourage department managers to email sodnews@hsc.wvu.edu or sunshine.wiles@hsc.wvu.edu when new team members are added to their groups.