WVU Dual degree program allows students to earn DDS and MBA in four years

The West Virginia University School of Dentistry, in collaboration with the John Chambers College of Business and Economics, has reintroduced a dual degree program for students who aspire to earn a master of business administration degree along with their doctor of dental surgery degree.

Dr. Christina DeBiase, associate dean for academic affairs, notes that practice management content in dental curricular is often limited. Through our online hybrid MBA program, students in dental school can obtain the tools necessary to make informed management decisions in their future dental practices.

The DDS degree normally requires 196 credit hours. The MBA requires 37 credit hours. The dual degree program reduces the total credits required to complete both degrees from 233 to 224. Nine credits from the DDS program are counted toward the MBA. Currently, six students from the Dental Class of 2024 are enrolled in the dual degree program.