Veterans receive free screenings at WVU School of Dentistry annual event

Donations to fund for veteran oral healthcare make a difference

Patient by patient. Veteran by veteran.

A West Virginia University School of Dentistry fund to provide free dental screenings for veterans was of great value to the 55 patients who received care on Veterans Oral Health Day. The annual event was held November 10 at WVU Dental clinics on the Health Sciences Campus in Morgantown, WV.

A student treats a veteran.

Below is proof of the benefits of The Borgia Family Veterans Oral Health Care Fund.

55 patients received exams.
46 patients received dental prophylaxis (prophies or cleanings).
3 patients received necessary extractions.
1 veteran was referred to orthodontics at the patient’s request.
1 patient received a restoration.
5 patients received sealants (commonly used to prevent tooth decay).
1 patient had a fractured implant screw replaced.
15 patients requested to be, and were, assigned to a student dentist for future oral healthcare.
8 patients with minimal needs are expected to be treated in the limited care clinic.

Dr. Lora Graves and President Gordon Gee interact with dental students.“The success of this program has increased every year. It has grown exponentially since its inception five years ago. Being a veteran myself, I know some veterans have difficulties with access to oral healthcare, as this is no longer a benefit of being a veteran. We want to be able to make a continued, positive impact in providing care. Our students appreciate the opportunity to treat a very special and deserving population. This is a great way to give back.” said Dr. Lora Graves, Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry and Veteran Oral Health Day coordinator.

A dental hygiene student treats a veteran.

In 2019, the Borgia Family Veterans Oral Health Care Fund was created to help in the completion of dental treatment plans for service members. Those interested in supporting the fund can learn more and donate online through the WVU Foundation.

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