National foundation chooses WVU dental student for scholarship

$5,000 was awarded to fourth-year student Miranda Kalaskey.

WVU School of Dentistry student Miranda Kalaskey of Charleston, W.Va. is a 2018 Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) Foundation Scholarship winner.

Miranda Kalaskey holds a ceremonial check from DTA after being awarded a $5,000 scholarship
Dr. Anthony (Tom) Borgia, School of Dentistry Dean
Miranda Kalaskey, scholarship recipient
Dr. Christina DeBiase, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Kalaskey was chosen based on her commitment to outreach.

Rising third- or fourth-year students can receive up to $5,000 in financial support based on academic excellence in dentistry, financial need and commitment to community service.

For the 2018 academic year, DTA Foundation awarded 34 total scholarships.

The Robert J. Sullivan Family Foundation Created a restricted fund with the DTA Foundation with an initial donation of $125,000 to support its efforts to improve dental education in the United States.

The donation was made to honor the late Robert Sullivan and his love for the dental industry coupled with his strong connection to dental education.  The first two scholarships were granted in 2012.

Kalaskey will graduate in May 2019.

Following commencement, she plans to pursue a residency opportunity in pediatric dentistry.

“I am so, so happy to have received this scholarship. I have put a lot of my time and effort into improving the oral health through the areas of West Virginia by volunteering my time. I will continue doing so in the future, but this scholarship makes me feel as if my work has been very appreciated. I’m very thankful to have been selected by the DTA,” Kalaskey said.

WVU School of Dentistry students have been awarded that scholarship the past two years.

Mannhu Iglesias was the 2017 recipient.

Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Dr. Christina DeBiase looks forward to presenting the award to students close to completing their journey in dental school. 

“Our students become an integral part of many communities through the outreach activities they perform.  Being selected for a scholarship based on a commitment to service is truly and honor,” said DeBiase.