Student Award for Clinical Competency and Professionalism

The West Virginia University School of Dentistry Alumni Association will present each year an award to the graduating senior in the top 25%, of his or her class in Dentistry and Dental Hygiene based on the overall GPA. These awards will consist of a check for $200.00 and a wooden plaque which will give the recipient's name and state that it is given for Outstanding Clinical Competency and Professionalism by the West Virginia University School of Dentistry Alumni Association. The awards will be presented at a student event prior to Commencement.

The recipients are to be selected after the completion of the first semester of their senior year, regardless of when the students complete their requirements for graduation.

Recipients will be selected in the following manner:

A. Selected on the basis of over‑all professionalism and clinical competency. Professionalism to include the following:

  1. General appearance
  2. Patient rapport
  3. Seeing patients on a regular basis
  4. Concern for welfare of patient
  5. Faculty rapport

B. Clinical competency to include completion of clinical work in a superior manner.

To help in the evaluation of the recipients, the Award Committee will ask each Department Chairperson or Division Chair or Course Director to RANK the top five (5) seniors in their clinical area by utilizing the above criteria and forward the list to the Secretary of the School of Dentistry Alumni Association.

Past Winners:
(D.D.S., B.S.D.H.)

1975, Charles W. Houghton, Susan Watters
1976, Donald Edwards, Renee Baker
1977, Francis Lipsinic, Christina DeBiase
1978, William F. Queen, Victoria R. Adams
1979, Roger Clay, Marion Dedebali
1980, Marc Wild, Jo Ellen Kemmner
1981, Charles Fultz, Mary Lisa Crowder
1982, Autumn Kercheval, Teresa Elmore
1983, Hans A. Kurtz, Lori Lynn Andochick
1984, Kevin Morrill, Janice Ward
1985, Stephen M. Pachuta, Leslie A. Gable
1986, Albert W. Getty, Lisa Ann Smith
1987, James Kevin Martin, Amy Everett
1988, Louise Tupta, Shelley Hite James
1989, Willie Barnes, Mike Signorelli, Roxanne Beatty
1990, Lorena Surber, Rhoda Mei Hu
1991, Samuel D'Arco, Kathleen Anne Moore
1992, Rebecca Thomson, Heather Rae Fox
1993, Annie M. Hu, Tammy Rae Hostetler
1994, T. Dean Bobbitt, Melissa D. Mayfield
1995, Kamil Abou-Kheir, Karry Meyers
1996, Angela London, Deann Leach
1997, Gina Davis, Nancy Dragovich
1998, Anissa Anderson, Kevin Heath Bailey, Jessica Lyn Schwall 1999, Monique Doherty, Lora Haynie
2000, Jeffrey Minchau, Lori Lively
2001, Karry E. Meyers, Jeannie Lewis
2002, Ryan Burleson, Sharlene Toone
2003, Michael A. Hazey, Duana Crum
2004, Jon Abraham, Anna Near
2005, Nic Taylor, Elizabeth Hubbard
2006, Mitri Ghareeb, Maria T. Broschart
2007, Cindy Knotts, Dana Alshatti
2008, Spencer R. Stiles, Tiffany D. Summerlin
2009, Katie L. Kilcollin, Kelli L. Mullenax
2010, Doyoung Choi, Holly Haldeman