Class of 2022 begins WVU School of Dentistry journey

Students from 4 countries and 11 states make up the class of 2022.

The West Virginia University School of Dentistry Class of 2022 is made up of students from four countries and 11 states. Leading up to the start of the fall semester, the 48 students have been involved in orientation discussions about professionalism, diversity and behavioral science.

Orientation also consists of training sessions in laboratory safety, emergency protocols, instrumentation and laptop instructions.

The Class of 2022 has met with advisors, upperclassmen and financial aid representatives.

The culmination of the welcoming activities is School of Dentistry’s professionalism assembly.

Students sign off on their commitment to the expectations of the Dental Student Pledge of Professionalism. The formal event concludes with a reception for students and their families.

Following three days of orientation, the scholars begin classes Monday, August 13.

Photos from orientation can be seen on our facebook page Click here.

The Class of 2022 includes:

Kamilla Agababayeva, NY, Hasan Akber, TX, Khadejah Alansary, Kuwait, Ali Alshamali, Kuwait, Ali Alterki, Kuwait, Gianna Anile, WV, Alexa Blatt, WV, Victoria Bovard, PA, Matthew Bowen, UT, Savannah Bryner, WV, Brianne Cardillo, NY, Grant Casto, FL, Nisha Chaudhry, WV, Anthony Crivello, NY, Nadine Dali, MI, Naby Damarputra, WV, AnnaTram Do, VA, Michael Durand, MI, Paige Durkin, WV, Renee Engle, WV, Marissa Fletcher, WV, Keishi Fujii, Japan, Anna Haddix, WV, Clark Hamilton, PA, Colton Hiner, OH, Carly Killmer, WV, Bethany King, VA, Tristan Lamp, SC, Chad Love, MD, Alexander Lusk, WV, David Maxwell, WV, David Meadows, WV, Thomas Moore, WV, Elizabeth Moreau, MA, Megan Nugent, PA, Krishna Patel, MD, Priyank Patel, MD, Megan Pycraft, OH, Tristan Quinones, WV, Mona Sivaneri, WV, Jordan Snyder, WV, Jason Solensky, PA, Thomas Stanley, WV, Samuel Stowers, VA, Elvis Tanyi, Cameroon, Corina Torres, PA, Abraham Valenzuela, WV, Garrett Warner, WV

The class of 2022 gathers for a picture following the professionalism assembly.

WVU School of Dentistry Class of 2022