Apply Now

  1. Step One: Qualifications

    High school students eligible for admission to the University must select the application for the Dental Hygiene Program. To be provisionally accepted via direct admission, students must have a minimum of:

    3.7 24 1210 Combined Critical Reading & Math

    If you do not meet the minimum requirements for direct admission, you may still be considered for admission into the Dental Hygiene Program.


    Step Two: 2. Apply to WVU

    Students may submit their application for FALL admission from July 1st  through February 1st. The option to apply to the Dental Hygiene program only appears starting July 1st. Students wishing consideration for Spring admission must have completed or in process of completing Chemistry 111 and have a grade point average higher than 3.0 to be considered.

    Once you have reviewed the qualifications you can begin the application process. Below is a button that will take you to the WVU application page. To get started you'll first need to create an account on that page. Once you have done so, click "Start Application" and review your admission type prior to completing enrollment information. Once you are done you will receive an email confirmation on receipt of application. You can also return to this site to use this website to track your documents and check your application status.

    Degree Completion:

    If you are a registered dental hygienist, you can be admitted directly to the Division of Dental Hygiene as a full-time or a part-time student. To be eligible for the degree completion program, you must have a certificate or associate's degree from an accredited dental hygiene program. You can transfer lower-division credits (see "Suggested Dental Hygiene Curriculum"). Your acceptance and placement in the program depend upon your academic record and upon the number of spaces available.

    When you apply, we ask you to include complete records of previous study. An official transcript needs to be mailed to us by the registrar of your previous school. Include catalog descriptions of the courses taken. If you are currently enrolled in a certificate or associate's degree program, include your program of study. You are responsible for the submission of a complete record package. You can enter the degree completion program twice a year. Applications can be obtained after September 1st of the year preceding application to the program. The WVU Health Sciences Center Catalog contains complete information about this program in dental hygiene.

  3. Step Three: Acceptance

    The WVU Office of Admissions will notify applicants details of their admission status.  Additionally, the Dental Hygiene Admissions Committee will contact successful applicants via email (MIX Account) who are offered provisional admission. 

  4. Step Four: New Student Requirements

    Student who have been granted provisional acceptance will have to successfully complete all new student requirements prior to final acceptance.