Department of Orthodontics Miscellaneous Publications

undefined Evaluation of masseter muscle morphology in different types of malocclusions using cone beam computed tomography
Date: International Orthodontics 122 (2013) 1-17
Author: Michael P. Becht, James Mah, Chris Martin, Thomas Razmus, Erdogan Gunel and Peter Ngan
undefined Comparison of computer-generated, enhanced and conventional 2-dimensional radiographic imaging
Date: American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics Vol. 135, Number 4
Author: Michael Hazey III, Peter Ngan, Harold Reed, Thomas Razmus, Richard Crout and Elizabeth Kao
      undefined  Changes in dental and basal archforms with preformed and customized  archwires during orthodontic treatment
 Date:    Orthodontic Waves 71, (2012)45-50                                                            
Author: Kolin E. Weaver, Timothy J. Tremont, Peter Ngan, Henry Fields, Terry Dischinger, Chris Martin, Mark Richards and Erdogan Gunel
undefined      Periodontal and microbiological status of patients undergoing orthodontic therapy                            
 Date:    Hong Kong Dent J. 2012;9:11-20                                                                             
Author: Brett Eckley, John Thomas, Richard Crout and Peter Ngan                             
 undefined      Assessing profile and jaw positions using lateral smiling photographs                                                                       
 Date:  Hong Kong Dent J. 2011, 8:87-90                                                        
Author: Ngan P, Delli-Gatti R, Pobesek B, Gunel E.        


undefined A Reinforced Clear Retainer for the Mixed Dentition
Date: Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, June 2014
Author: Deepa, Vyas, DMD, Nicholas Maddux, DDS, Todd Bovenizer, DDS, MS, Peter Ngan, DMD