Information Technology

Information Technology and its associated systems has become an integral part of the daily activities within the School of Dentistry (SOD). From providing state-of-the-art care to our patients to establishing new student curriculum teaching practices, the responsibility to provide timely, organized, and educated technology solutions has never been greater. The SOD I.T. Department take this responsibility very seriously and are committed to offering the highest level of professional services available.

The mission of the Information Technology Systems Department, within the West Virginia University School of Dentistry, was formally established in June of 2004. The goal of our department is "to provide the highest level of quality service to our patients, faculty, staff, students, and alumni by supplying (in both a courteous and professional manner) quick, responsive, and efficient solutions to all of their technical needs." We are dedicated to supporting the effective integration of technology into all aspects of academic and patient care programs at the WVU School of Dentistry. To that end, we provide our faculty, staff, and students:

  • A large variety of technology solutions for teaching in both the classroom and patient care environments.
  • Continual technical training and support on the resources available.
  • Comprehensive and reliable desktop computing, software support, application development, and data recovery services.

We take our commitment to service (and to the individuals we serve) very seriously and always strive to excel in the area of customer relations. We are always open to feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions. We pledge to have an open, constructive, and ongoing dialogue with all SOD, HSC, & WVU Administrators, faculty, staff, students, patients, and alumni.

To become and remain a recognized leader for providing outstanding and highly competent technology consultation and troubleshooting services through the daily collaboration, communication, policy establishment, strategic planning, and timely delivery of services to our faculty, staff, students, patients, and alumni.

Guiding Principles
We work to thoroughly identify, understand, and address the needs of our patients, faculty members, staff, students, and alumni as those needs relate to technology and information systems. Through this understanding, we are able to make insightful and well-informed recommendations with regard to our patient care and academic settings.

“We set goals, achieve results and rigorously measure our contributions. We innovate wisely, take risks courageously, learn from our mistakes and leverage our successes.” (WVU HSC).

We work in collaborative teams, treating all individuals with professional respect, to engage in an open and honest dialogue as to how we can best achieve the organizational mission and goals through the application of Information Systems and the various technologies available.

For general inquires, contact:

WVU School of Dentistry IT
1000 HSC North / Medical Center Drive
Morgantown, WV 26506
Phone: (304) 293-1567