Community Outreach Supplies

Department of Dental Practice & Rural Health
Morgan Boyles, Administrative Associate
Room G110, HSN
(304) 293-5912

General Oral Health Information:
Teaching young patients proper flossing and brushing techniques is fun and easy when you use colorful, plush Hand Puppets. Puppets feature oversized teeth and an articulating device that delivers a surprise spray of water. Each puppet is approximately 11" tall. Numerous puppets are available. An example of the puppets available are: Alex Alligator, Miss Pig Newton, Magi Z Dragon.

Effective with children, our oversized full mouth models and large toothbrushes allows you to demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques. Several full mouth model shows the entire set of upper and lower teeth and gums and opens on a plastic hinge. The large toothbrush is ideal for demonstrating brushing techniques at chair side demonstrations or for a group in classroom situations.

Oral Health Posters:
We have numerous posters available for use to stress the importance of oral health. These posters can be used at health fairs, career fairs and school presentations. An example of the posters available are: Play It Safe - Use a Mouthguard, A Healthy Smile is Ageless, Brush for a Bright Smile, Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, Protect Your Child’s smile with Early Dental Visits, A Baby’s Smile is Precious.

Oral Health DVDs:
There are numerous dvds available. An example of the dvds available are:

Dr. Rabbit’s World Tour: 13 minutes. With a lively cartoon dentist, children from a variety of cultures and catchy original music, it’s a video adventure that entertains while it teaches good oral hygiene. Head-start, kindergarten

Dental Defenders vs Cavity Creeps: 6 minutes. Children are magically transported to a time and place long ago-where the smiles of the tooth kingdom are under attack by sorcerer Plakula and the plaque monsters.

Grades 1-4:
Dudley Visits the Dentist: 7 minutes. Dudley is your new dental assistant and introduces kids to dental team members, tools and what to expect at an office visit. Grades K-3 Brushing with Dudley & Dee Dee: 7 minutes. Dudley uses magic to teach little sis Dee Dee all about brushing and flossing.

Older Adults:
Keeping Your Smile for a Lifetime: 12 minutes. Proper oral hygiene instructions and tips for senior citizens.

Oral Care for the Dependent Patient: 20 minutes. This video provides care givers with basic, useful information necessary to conduct an oral screening a develop a plan of daily mouth care and infection control for the patient who needs assisted oral care.

Oral Health Brochures/Pamphlets:
There are numerous brochures and pamphlets available. An example of the brochures/pamphlets available are: Seal Out Decay, Your Child’s Teeth, Diet & Dental Health, Pregnancy & Oral Health, Good Oral Health for Mother & Baby

Tobacco/Smokeless Tobacco Related Supplies:
An effective model to show the results of smokeless tobacco usage is our Mr. Gross Mouth. This hinged model of the teeth, flexible tongue and oral cavity show the effects of smokeless tobacco. Hand painted model is mounted on a wooden base. One of our most popular products with teens. Another effective model to show the results of smokeless tobacco usage is Mr. Dip Lip. This model of the mouth opens and closes from the back like a puppet and flesh-like lips retract to show effects of dipping on inner lips, gums and teeth.

There is a poster book available: Smokeless Tobacco: A Chemical Time Bomb that highlights the dangers of smokeless tobacco-including deadly mouth cancers, severe dental problems and dangerous cardiovascular conditions. It is very graphic.

We have numerous dvds and posters available for your use related to tobacco usage. The tobacco/smokeless dvds are very informative and, in some cases, very graphic. Several of these posters are graphic and others are humorous. We have found them to be very effective when presented to elementary and high school students. An example of the dvds and posters available are:

Youth & Adults:
WHY? 7 minutes. Very powerful & moving video with statistics about tobacco hazards. Adults, Junior high/high school.

Tragic Choice: The Bob Leslie Story: 12 minutes. Video about a high school baseball coach, Bob Leslie, from California who started chewing at the age of 13. He quit chewing at the age of 27 but discovered he had oral cancer 5 months later. It also examines what effects oral cancer from spit tobacco has had not only on his family but also on his ballplayers. Very good video! Junior high/high school, community events/school programs.

An Innocent Addiction: The Gruen Von Behrens Story: 10 minutes. The story of Gruen, a spit tobacco survivor. Good for Junior high/high school, community events/school programs. Not for small children.

Donnie Dinosaur’s Tobacco Trouble: 12 minutes. While on a walk through the forest, Sandy leads Milo into a cave and pressures him to smoke a cigarette. Donnie discovers them and teaches an important lesson about tobacco use. Good for ages 5-10.

Results of Using Spit Tobacco: A True Story of Gruen Von Behrens
Glory Days-Gory Days: Bill Tuttle
Tobacco Industry’s Poster Child
Want a Tongue Like This? Keep Smoking
Nicotineadon – Tobacco Monster

There are available for use, brochures that are related to smokeless tobacco use. These brochures are very informative and detail the hazards of using smokeless tobacco and tobacco. The brochures are available in limited amounts. An example of the titles of the brochures available are:

Tobacco Quiz:
What’s gross about smoking. Give this quick quiz to adolescents and let them find out. The answers to the questions reveal the harmful and disgusting consequences of tobacco use.

The Cold Hard Facts About Dip:
This brochure has pictures of mouths that have been destroyed by using smokeless tobacco. There is also information about the results that can occur using dip.

What’s Really in Spit Tobacco?:
This small, round brochure lists the chemicals, etc. that are in smokeless tobacco and also has graphic pictures of oral cancer victims. There are also statements from several famous baseball players about their experience with smokeless tobacco.

Who Uses Spit Tobacco?:
This is an excellent brochure on the hazards of using smokeless tobacco. It explains how you can check for the early warning signs of oral cancer and also shows examples of cancerous mouths.

If you are in need of community service, you can contact Mary at (304) 293-5912. She will be able to put you in touch with individuals who have requested dental students speak to their schools and organizations in the past. Mary will be able to help with sports related community service activities and can provide contact names for the elementary schools.