Frequently Asked Questions

Q and A for the Class of 2024

This information was most recently updated on 4-28-2020. The information is subject to change as new information emerges about COVID-19. Please continue checking the site for updates 

Will the social distancing requirement impact my ability to contact the WVU Dental Admissions staff? 

Please be assured dental admissions staff can be reached by email ( Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except University holidays. The office phone (304-293-6646) is also monitored on the same schedule. Voice mail and email will be answered as soon as possible in the order received. Mail received after hours will be returned the next business day. 

I am accepted to the dental class entering in August 2020. Has the deadline to complete all pre-enrollment requirements been extended due to COVID-19? 

Currently, we anticipate no change in the June 1st deadline to complete all pre-enrollment requirements as outlined in your acceptance letter.  We continue to monitor this rapidly changing situation and will contact you by email if the deadline is extended.  Please frequently visit the admissions webpage or contact us directly by email ( or phone (304-293-6646) if you have questions.   

Will there be a delay in dental student orientation due to COVID-19?

At this time we do not expect a delay in the dental student orientation schedule on August 12-14, 2020. The Office of Student Affairs will contact incoming dental students directly with specific orientation information should the schedule change due to evolving information about COVID-19.     

I am accepted to the dental class entering August 2020.  Is there a process to request deferral of my admission?   

Admitted applicants who have experienced significant adversity and hardship as a direct result of COVID-19 can request deferment by one year. The detailed request must be submitted to the Dental Admissions Office via email ( no later than June 1, 2020.  Deferment requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis with decisions rendered within 5 days of the request. Approved deferments will require retention of the original deposit for credit the following year.

I am unable to pursue dental shadowing requirements due to COVID-19. What should I do?

All dental applicants are experiencing this challenge due to dental office closures precipitated by the coronavirus pandemic. Within the AADSAS application ( you will have the opportunity to document how you have been impacted by the pandemic, including the inability to complete shadowing in dental offices. Remember to document any and all shadowing and related experiences completed prior to the pandemic such as community outreach, mission trips, or enrichment programs that helped increase your awareness of oral health and oral health care.       

DAT testing centers are closed due to COVID-19.  Are DAT scores still a requirement for admission to dental school? 

Yes. We understand the limitation stemming from DAT testing site closure due to COVID-19 and are closely monitoring the situation. Prospective applicants are encouraged to periodically check the DAT administration vendor for test administration availability. In the meantime, we strongly recommend completing the AADSAS application when the application cycle opens June 2, 2020. Within the AADSAS application ( you will have the opportunity to document how you have been impacted by the pandemic, including the inability to complete the DAT while testing sites are unavailable. DAT scores must be submitted upon first availability to complete the test. Please keep in mind potential applicants should take the DAT so that scores may be available to the admissions committee no later than November 1st of the year prior to anticipated enrollment in the dental program.  

My biology professor is teaching remotely and unable to prepare letters of recommendation on official letterhead.  What should I do?

We certainly understand this dilemma and will accept signed letters sent from your instructor’s campus email address.  Letters must be submitted by the instructor directly to the dental admissions email address:

 How is the Coronavirus pandemic impacting School of Dentistry tours?  

Due to the coronavirus pandemic onsite school tours have been suspended until the university lifts restrictions on hosting tours and special events.  Meanwhile, please visit the WVU and School of Dentistry website for pictorial tours and updates concerning future visits.