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to the West Virginia University Oral Health Initiative.

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The West Virginia University Oral Health Initiative was established to improve health and change smiles of West Virginians through the mission–based leadership of the School of Dentistry with programming in the areas of education, patient care, community service, workforce preparation and distribution, and innovation in research and technology.  A Grant from the Benedum Foundation provided initial support for the inception of this focused oral health initiative. 

The project is built on five major objectives which are:


1. To change perceptions of oral health.

2. To overcome barriers by replicating effective programs and proven efforts and/or establish new ones.

3. To build the science base and accelerate science transfer.

4. To research the oral health workforce and mobilize it into the greatest areas of need thus maximizing the existing and potential workforce

5. Increase collaborations with all stakeholders.

As a means of fostering improved communication in regards to oral health, this website provides more detailed information on all aspects of oral health including:

  • A Dentistry IQ Test

  • Information on Oral Health in West Virginia

  • WVU School of Dentistry Oral Health Outreach Showcase

  • Oral Health Facts

  • The Medical Dental Connection



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