Advanced Orthodontic Mechanics: A continuation of the previous course involving more difficult case types and introducing more sophisticated appliance therapy.

Advanced Topics: Investigation of advanced topics not covered in regularly scheduled courses.

Advanced Topics: Biomedical Sciences Module Series: The Biomedical Sciences Module series has been designed as an online course for students enrolled in the advanced education programs in the WVU School of Dentistry. The three modules include pharmacology, anatomy/histology/embryology, and microbiology/immunology/genetics. The content of these modules focuses on the clinical application of each of the biomedical sciences to dentistry. Cases will be used to integrate theory and practice. Students will attend a virtual classroom by viewing online lectures, reading prescribed materials, and interacting with faculty and classmates through an online discussion forum.

Applied Biostatistics for Health: Statistical models, distributions, probability, random variables, tests of hypotheses, confident intervals, regression, correlation, transformations, F and Chi-square distributions, analysis of variance, and multiple comparisons.

Biomechanics: Design and function of the teeth and their surrounding structures, and response of these tissues to orthodontic procedures.

Cephalometrics: Use of radiographic cephalometry in studying growth of the human face, analysis of dentofacial malformations, and evaluation of orthodontic treatment.

Craniofacial Growth and Maturation: The current concepts of craniofacial growth and maturation are presented and integrated for application to clinical problems.

Directed Study: Directed study, reading, and/or research.

Graduate Seminar: It is anticipated that each graduate student will present at least one seminar to the assembled faculty and graduate student body of program.

Growth and Development: Seminar course on normal and abnormal growth of the human head and its application to orthodontics.

Independent Study: Faculty supervised study of topics not available through regular course offerings.

Orthodontic Clinic: Clinical treatment of selected patients.

Orthodontic Diagnosis: Seminar class on technique of patient examination, acquiring diagnostic records.

Orthodontic Materials: Physical properties of materials used in orthodontic appliances.

Orthodontic Mechanics: Seminar and laboratory course on basic orthodontic mechanical properties.

Orthodontic Seminar: Discussions including all branches of dental science, with special emphasis on the orthodontic interest. Assigned topics and articles in the literature are discussed.

Orthodontic Technique: Laboratory course in techniques related to fabrication and manipulation of orthodontic appliances and wires.

Research: Research activities leading to thesis, problem report, research paper or equivalent scholarly project or a dissertation.

Seminar: Seminars arranged for advanced graduate students.

Special Topics: A study of contemporary topics selected from recent developments in the field.

Special Studies in Oral Pathology: Advanced study of local and systemic disease processes affecting oral structures through seminars, assignment of specific topics, or research activities.

Teaching Practicum: Supervised practice in the college teaching of dentistry.