The department has been actively involved in research for many years. In the past some of our research projects involved the use of low dose doxycycline as an adjunct in the treatment of adult periodontitis. This line of research contributed in to FDA approval of PeriostatTM in late 1990's. Otherpast projects were the Mountain State Oral-Facial Microbiology Laboratory established in 1999 and inactivated in 2007. The most recent past projects and ongoing projects are related with Appalachia Oral Health disparities in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine and led by Dr. Richard Crout. This line of research continues to be the focus of Dr. Crout where rural pregnant women are being recruited for a multicenter study together with the University of Pittsburgh.

At this time, the Department of Periodontics led by Dr. Susan Morgan is instituting a clinical program on Tobacco Cessation in the School of Dentistry. This pilot program is aiming to gain information about the prevalence of smokers seen by predoctoral students in the undergraduate dental clinic. All patients coming to the undergraduate clinic who use tobacco are offered the opportunity to take part in this Tobacco Cessation Program.

There are many opportunities for clinical, laboratorial and translational research for professionals from US and foreign countries who are interested in developing their research in our Department and West Virginia University Health Sciences Center. The opportunity for clinical research in Periodontics is mainly in the areas of systemic diseases, high risk and PTB pregnancies, diagnosis of gingivitis and periodontitis and dental implants of partially and totally edentulous patients.