The Process

          Thanks to our partner facilities in West Virginia, our research teams will be able to travel to locations most convenient for our participants.  To enroll in the project, moms should be in their first or second trimester of pregnancy and be healthy enough to have a dental screening.  Within one to three months after the birth of your baby we would like to follow up with you in an in-person visit.  We will also schedule you and your baby for additional in-person visits at 10-14 months and at 20-26 months.  We will conduct brief phone interviews with you while you’re pregnant, and when your baby is around 1-3 months old, 6 months old, 12 months old, 18 months olds and 24 months old.  During the in-person visits, you and your baby will have dental screenings, we will gather saliva and plaque samples for microbiological and DNA analysis and we will interview you about past and present medical conditions, demographic information and a variety of other pertinent information about the well being of your baby.  Each in-person visit will take around 2 hours, and the phone interviews will take less time.  You will be compensated $75 for each completed in-person visit, $15 for each completed phone interview, as well as an additional $75 for completion of the entire project.  This means that over the course of the two-year project, you will be compensated up to $465 for your voluntary participation.