The Periodontics Preceptorship Program is a 12 month non-degree course of study offered by the Department of Periodontics, School of Dentistry, West Virginia University.  A non-academic certificate is awarded to the participant upon successful completion of this program.  This Preceptorship will be limited to one student per year, dependent upon the applicant’s professional credentials and clinical space available. 
Applicants should have demonstrated educational interest and aptitude in Periodontics and Dental Implantology during their dental education beyond the expected competencies outlined in the dental curriculum.


The Periodontics Preceptorship Program is specifically designed for a recent dental school graduate preferably from a Prosthodontics Specialty Program in the US who would like to expand his/her knowledge in Periodontics and Dental Implantology. The applicant must demonstrate a strong desire to learn state of the art techniques, investigate current scientific literature and become competent in managing a broad range of periodontal procedures as well as dental implants. Over the course of one year, seminars with other graduate students will be attended and clinical procedures will be performed. Although emphasis is placed on the clinical aspects of Periodontics and Implantology, the participant will also have the opportunity to extensively explore the periodontal and dental implant literature providing a more evidence-based clinical approach to patient care. 
The participant will be able to integrate these skills immediately into a dental practice, or apply for additional training in an Advanced Education Program in Periodontics.
By the completion of this Preceptorship program, the participant should be able to:
• Gather medical and dental history data, proper clinical and periodontal information, and clinical photographs for proper case presentation.
• Make accurate periodontal diagnoses based on pertinent historical, clinical and radiographic information, and to arrive at reasonable periodontal treatment plans including the use of dental implants. 
• Explain and be clinically familiar with a variety of periodontal surgical procedures for treatment of chronic inflammatory and aggressive periodontal diseases.
• Explain and be clinically familiar with various periodontal surgical procedures for proper functional and cosmetic crown lengthening.
• Assess the outcomes of non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatment.
• Investigate current and classic periodontal and dental implant literature, with a developing ability to critically review pertinent articles.
• Explain and be clinically familiar with other surgical techniques such as tooth extraction using periotomes, bone grafting and guided bone regeneration techniques.
The proficient and dedicated preceptor student may be able to use advanced surgical techniques for placement of implants such as guided surgery techniques and immediate loading techniques. All clinical procedures will be allowed based on clinical instructor monitoring and student ability to demonstrate the knowledge and skill to proceed with proper patient treatment.


The participant in this program will be evaluated on the basis of the following outcomes: 1. overall number of cases properly evaluated and treated; 2. clinical performance; 3. scope of knowledge and preparedness; 4. patient management and 5. teaching ability as demonstrated by scenarios involving predoctoral students. 

Admission to the Periodontal Preceptor Residency Program (PPRP) is competitive.  Because limited openings are available, preference in admission is given to WVU School of Dentistry (WVUSoD) senior dental students who seek participation in this one-year PPRP following dental school graduation.
Prior to enrollment, the applicant must hold a DDS or DMD from a program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) and possess a West Virginia dental license.  The successful candidate must demonstrate outstanding communication abilities, both written and oral, in the English language.  Applicants who have completed an advanced dental program in the United States, but from countries where English is not the native language, are exempt from the TOEFL examination. 
Criteria to evaluate candidates include:
• Letter of interest and career goals
• Dental school transcripts
• NBDE (Part I and Part II)
• Three (3) Letters of Recommendation.
• Personal interview
• Proficiency in the English language, both written and spoken ( non-native English speaking applicants TOEFL is required.
• Congruence between the applicant’s skills and abilities and PPRP objectives
The applicant’s didactic, laboratory and clinical performance in Periodontal courses will be closely evaluated. 

Application Requirements, Deadline and Fee
Application deadline is May 2, 2012.  This is subject to extension based on the application pool.  Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the WVU SoD website or contact the PPRP director to confirm current deadlines.
A $50.00 application fee to West Virginia University as a non-degree graduate student is required and must accompany the application. 
The following information is required for a complete application:
- A current resume
- Letter of interest describing applicant’s strengths, accomplishments, and career goals
- Official dental school transcript
- Official NBDE scores (Part I and Part II)
- Three letters of reference from dental faculty or who can address the applicant’s:
a) clinical skills in dentistry
b) communication skills (written and oral)
c) interpersonal skills
d) maturity 
e) likelihood of success in the PPRP

Personal Interview
Candidates who receive favorable review of the aforementioned application materials must participate in a personal interview.

Criminal Background Check
Prior to commencing the PPRP, students must obtain criminal background clearance.  The background check is conducted by a screening agency designated by the West Virginia University School of Dentistry (WVU SoD). [Detailed information is available on the WVU SoD website]

Conditions Following Offer of Admission
Individuals admitted to the one-year PPRP must comply with all regulations and standards established by the WVU SoD, WVU, and WVU Board of Governors. 
All enrollees must comply with the immunization and diagnostic procedures required by the WVU Board of Governors, WVU University, the WVU Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center and/or the School of Dentistry. 


Participants in the Periodontics Preceptorship Program will have extensive training in the Department of Periodontics clinical facilities. Participants will be required to contribute to the undergraduate dental education experience by mentoring predoctoral students and by providing periodontal surgical procedures to their patients in need of further periodontal therapy in the Periodontal Surgical Clinic. Drs. Chaves, Dr. Palmer and Dr. Reed, faculty members of the Department of Periodontics, will supervise all the patients requiring periodontal surgical procedures. 

Basic Reading required: 
• Carranza’s Clinical Periodontology and Lindhe, Lang and Karring Clinical Periodontology and Implant dentistry 5th Edition volume 1 and volume 2.
• All assigned papers and literature reviews.
The preceptor also has access to the Health Science Center's Library with its excellent collection of books, scientific publications, audiovisual materials and computer resources.


The tuition for this program is 9 credit hours for each semester (Fall and Spring) with a dental school fee  for use of instruments, textbooks, equipment, library, computer services. Professional travel using the dental school fee must be authorized by Director of the preceptor program and approved by the WVU School of Dentistry.