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Dr. Russ Mullen:  “The accuracy of performing space analysis using e-models and plaster models.” 
Dr. Brett Eckley:  “A microbiological and clinical assessment of orthodontic patients with poor oral hygiene.” 
Dr. Matt Ghiz: “Effects of sealant and self-etching primer on enamel decalcification in vivo.” 
Dr. Joe Mullins: “Effects of enamel bleaching on the bond strength of orthodontic brackets.” 
Dr. Jackie Palaisa: “The use of conventional tomography to assess changes in the nasal cavity after rapid palatal expansion.” 
Dr. Thomas Shipley: “The effect of argon laser on enamel decalcification: an in vitro and in vivo study.” 
Dr. Meredith Parks: “An in vivo and in vitro study of a new orthodontic bonding agent from 3M Unitek.” 
Dr. Todd Bovenizer: “An in vitro investigation of frictional resistance of self-ligating and ceramic brackets when subject to different ligation methods and tipping angles.” 
Dr. Mike Hazey: “Sensitivity comparison of 3-D topographical renderings of radiographs versus un-rendered conventional radiographs.”
Dr. Erica Reed:  "Evaluation of early treatment of Class III malocclusions using the Kiebach appliance."
Dr. Maggie Adams:  “AP relationship of the maxillary central incisors to the forehead in adult white males”. 
Dr. Robert VanLaecken:  "Treatment of maxillary deficient class III individuals with a CS2000 appliance”.
Dr. Ronnie Sparks:  "A comparison of airway volume among different skeletal craniofacial patterns”.
Dr. Holly Eppard: “Evaluating the effect of the occlusal plane inclination to dental and facial harmony.
Dr. Jung Mee Kim:  "AP relationship of the maxillary central incisors to the forehead in adult Korean females”.