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Fees and Payment Options- Resident Clinic
Fees in the resident clinic are generally less than in a private practice because they have been adjusted downward in appreciation for your contribution to our program. 

Every person's smile and bite is unique.  We will give you your individual quote for cost of treatment after an initial complimentary examination.  

Treatment Fee Includes Items Listed Below:
  • All appointments during treatment
  • Any emergency visits that may occur during treatment
  • Retainers at the completion of treatment
  • All radiographs or photos needed during treatment
Payment in full is required before braces are started. We offer 10% off with full payment with cash or check.  5% off with full payment with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are accepted). 
Wells Fargo Financing is available to those who qualify with little to no interest.  Please ask our receptionist about this for more details.  This option requires a credit approval process and approval is at the discretion of the individual financial institution.
Fees quoted within this document and/or over the telephone have been estimated.  Actual costs will be based on a final treatment plan using the fee  in effect when braces are started.   If a resident cannot manage your treatment and you agree to be referred to a faculty member, treatment costs will be higher.
If you are a West Virginia Medicaid recipient under the age of 21, the Screening and Records fees will be billed to Medicaid.  Any braces or orthodontic procedures must be pre-authorized by Medicaid before braces will be started.   It should be noted that orthodontic coverage with West Virginia Medicaid is very limited.  If you are a Medicaid recipient, you must bring your card to every visit.  Otherwise, you may not be seen.
If Medicaid does not approve you for braces, and you still want them, you will be held personally responsible for payment once braces are started.  Please note payment is due in full before braces begin.