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Translational Research - Biofilms

Co-Biofilm Development in an Engineered V-E-L (Ventilator-Endotrach-Lung) Model, simulating the ICU

Key Components

Complex Biofilm Development in a Closed V-E-L Model

The elucidation of biofilm colonization/formation, development and 3-D architecture (and inhibition), mono or multi-species, is the focus of 4 models, each with a unique application. Recognizing the multi-dimensional nature of multi-species communities, these engineered models reflect input from a variety of resources, both university and industry (See Biofilm Laboratory Organization Chart).

An engineered 5-part model using standard ICU ventilator equipment, tubing, and appliances to duplicate the bi-directional respiratory environment of COPD or ARDS, leading to VAP and emphasizing endotrach lumenal adherence and/or interference. Model allows for undisturbed biofilm assessment and staging (I-IV), emphasizing unique quantification employing, COMSTAT (, FISH and non-culture techniques; usually assayed for 14 days. Six VEL models can be assayed simultaneously, simulating an ICU.

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