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Bac 2 Health Survey

Please be sure to answer each of the questions below before submitting the finished survey.

1. Do you routinely ask if your patient is taking a probiotic?

2. Are you familiar with research-based evidence supporting probiotic use with dental patients?

3. Do you prescribe or recommend probiotics to periodontally involved patients?

4. Are probiotics readily available in your practice?

5. Do you know where you could send your patients to purchase probiotic supplements?

6. Do you know how long it would take to see beneficial results in periodontally involved patients?

7. Would you recommend children to take probiotic supplements?

8. Have you recommended to patients taking an antibiotic, the addition of a probiotic?

9. If you became more knowledgable about the benefits of probiotics would you be more apt to recommend their use to your patients?

10. Do you know which genera are most frequently used as probiotics?

11. Which of the following is an appropriate amount of time to prescribe a probiotic?

12. If you were to write a prescription for a probiotic what CFU amount would be best for an oral condition?

13. Which of the following combination of probiotic microbes would be most beneficial to your patient?

14. Would you be interested in utilizing a probiotic database that provided the ability to find research supported probiotics products via patient profile (age, disease, conditions, etc.) to aid in the selection of probiotics?

15. What is a reasonable number of different organisms in a probiotic product?

16. What dental diseases have proven responsive to probiotic intervention?

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