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Continued Research :

29-Day Runs (VEL Model) – The silver-coated endotrach provided by TycoHealthcare continues to be a large focus of our biofilm studies emphasizing luminal biofilm.  Our standard assay time was 14 days, but given the Class II nature of the endotrach, we undertook some heroic studies by Dana Gray and evaluated the impact of the silver-coated endotrach vs. controls over 29 days.  We analyzed flora at three locations within the endotrach: oral, middle and lung and presented out data at the 4th Biofilm Symposium in Quebec City (see poster). 

CT Radiography of Accretion Build-Up—We simultaneously continued our investigations of using a CT scan with zinc coated biofilm to establish maximum reduction within the lumen and a calculation of volume loss with sophisticated software provided by Vital.  An average biofilm linked accretion reduced air volume of the endotrach up to 44%.  This volume was independent of days of intubation.  Dana Gray also used patient suction secretions to prove that a preformed biofilm in the VEL model acted in a similar manner relative to accumulation of accretions (See Posters).

Industrial/Vendor Participation—Our integration with industry continues to develop.  Two new vendors in support of our research include Cerexa ( and Ceragenix (  Both are interested in the biofilm and understanding methods of prevention, intervention or assessment and are focused on pneumonia and organisms linked to this very expensive and costly disease.  We welcome them in to our antibiofilm team, studying:

Industry Consultation—Two new industrial vendors have asked us to provide consultation on biofilms.

“Unique Antimicrobial Rinse to Reduce Oral Inflammation,” Charles J. Gaunth, Ph.D., Principle Investigator.