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Culture Plate Gang

"Infection Control Claire"

“Antibiotic Resistant  Rachel”
Cat Scan

“Planktonic Phyllis”

Culture Plate gang

“Biofilm Bradford”

"Buster Balance"


In The Beginning

Video 1

Resistance in the ICU

Video 2

Biofilm Bradford and Resistant Rachael ("Witchy") mimicking 'Whole DNA' and Cat Scan (DNA Fragment) with Professor Thomas in the ICU with mechanical ventilator... a real place for biofilm associated infections.

Biofilms, Chronic Wounds and Wound Dressings: The Ugly Trilogy

Video 3

Professor Thomas discussing with Probiotic Buster and Infection Control Claire the consequences of the 'Ping - Pong Effect' and the need for multi-plan intervention creating a balanced skin colonization.

"T-COC" - Tailored Comprehensive Oral Care, from Birth to Death

Video 4

Biofilm Bradford and Probiotic Buster addressing "Restorative Microbiology" with Professor Thomas.

Meet the Gang

Biofilm Bradford

Bioflim Bradford

  • DOB 3.4 Billion Years Ago
  • Global Milleu
  • Microbial Socioligist
  • Microbial World
  • Biofilm

Planktonic Phyllis

  • DOB 2.3 Billion Years Ago
  • Earth
  • Disease Transmission
  • Local Friends
  • Planctonic
Planktonic Phyllis
Resistant Rachel and Black Cat

Resistant Rachel and Black Cat

  • Unstable
  • Multiple Personality
  • Global Traveler by Broom Stick
  • Wizard of OZ... favorite movie
  • ICU favorite hotel room
  • Responds to selective pressures (ABX)
  • KPC

Infection Control Claire

  • Policewomen
  • Gives out tickets
  • Produces fines
  • Control Freak!
  • Music: Siren!
  • Transportation: Dump Truck
  • Politician/Beaurocrat
  • Regulatory Geek
  • “Not Documented/Not Done”
  • Has rules
  • Independent
IC Claire

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