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Mountaineer Roots

Universities are in the business of educating; this has evolved from the WVU student body to “distant learning” to “Global education.” Our logo says it all: “Linking national - international microbiology educational resources.” Mountaineer Roots: Global Branches.

We are evolving. Initial “tools” included:

  1. Microbiology Electronic text book ( )
  2. Multi-Disease Risk Assessment (MDRA) for Fungi ( )
  3. Case Presentations ( )

Subsequently we added the “Micro Mini-Educational series (,” 30 minute updates on timely topics and presently, the new, “clinical microbiology seminars” an encapsulation of our Annual Fall Microbiology Workshop, a day and a half regional meeting of timely topics presented by world class speakers on clinical microbiology. There have been 19 to date. The focus is education of staff in diagnostic microbiology laboratories, usually small to medium, given our initial mission was to educate West Virginian laboratories, infection control practitioners and pharmacists. Now international public health is also our focus and we hope this format will bring unique resources to the world.

Compendium of selected resources to assist in education, teaching, and patient management.

Published Resources

Mini-Micro Educational Series

  • Seven 30 minute PowerPoint, with voice, presentations. Updates in Dental, Medical, Microbiology, and Nursing topics
  • View Micro Mini Series

Biofilms Made Easy: “A Picture Tutorial”

  • An Introduction to Biofilms: Structure, Medical/Dental/Microbiological impacts, via 100 PowerPoint images with corresponding description.
  • Biofilms for Everyone Booklet

Microbiology Pocket Electronic Handbook

  • A Microbiology Internet Guide, includes: Antibiotics and Pharmacology, Susceptibility Profiles, Oral Microbiology, and Normal Flora
  • Download the PDF Version Here

Dental Microbiology Pocket Electronic Handbook with Instructional Dental Case Presentations

  • A computation of published reviews for management, utilizing Dental Antibiograms from the WV Mountain State Oral-Facial Microbiology Laboratory (Oral Infections Anti-Infective Management)
  • Six Instructive Cases for Periodontal Disease (P. 5)
  • Five Instructive Cases for Endodontic Disease (P.17)
  • Pocket Electronic Handbook

Online Courses (with Certificate)

  • John G. Thomas’s West Virginia Microbiology Annual Fall Symposium (Movie) The annual complete 2-day Course, including all five speakers through PowerPoint and audio presentations for each faculty, with sort options per presentation.
    ( Online Courses )

    Featured Workshops:
    1. 19th Annual Clinical Microbiology Seminar (Sept. 2008)
    2. 20th Annual Clinical Microbiology Seminar (Sept. 2009)
    3. 21st Annual Clinical Microbiology Seminar (Sept. 2010)

      Cost is $70 for a 2 week availability
      Select Clinical Microbiology Seminars: Fill Basket

Annual Fall Microbiology Symposium

Virtual Microbiologist

  • Cybermicro - a computer-based work station.
  • Microbiology Tutorials - A collection of > 25 CDs using interactive, case-driven education; obtained from CDC, FDA, pharmaceutical and microbiology (ASM) resources.

Pathology Workstations for Clinical Microbiology