It is with a great deal of pleasure that I inform you of a new program that can greatly impact your ability to repay your student loans for your dental education.  The West Virginia Oral Health Program has received notification of grant funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Over the next three years, the Program will be awarded approximately 1.5 million dollars to improve access to oral health care in West Virginia. The Oral Health Program will use this funding to increase the number of West Virginia University Dental School graduates choosing to provide services in rural areas.
The program will be offered to five WVU graduating students annually for at least the next three years.  This repayment program allows you to practice in underserved counties in WV, and offers loan repayments of $25,000/ year  for the first two years of service, with an optional $20,000 for the next two years (through a secondary loan source).  Our average level of debt for DDS students (as of the graduating class of 2012) is $145,346.  With the option to have up to $90,000 repaid, this program has terrific potential

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