Lynnel Beauchesne, DDS
Tunnelton, WV

Hello, I am Lynnel Beauchesne. I graduated from West Virginia University School of Dentistry in 1996. I have practiced in Thornton since graduation. 

My office address is: 3126 George Washington Highway, Thornton, WV  26440 and the office phone number is (304) 892-4653. The office is located in a brick building on 1 ½ acres. There are 5 operatories, lab, staff room, office, reception room, writing room and 2 bathrooms. All operatories are equipped for sit-down dentistry with assistant chairs in 4 rooms. We use bisecting angles, PAN, ceph, 3 PA's and one darkroom developer. We also have electrosurge unit, CAD-CAM, 2 sonics, ultrasonic, triad, and vacuum former. There are 2 assistants, 1 part-time. A coordinator and 3 hygienists. The auxiliaries have OSHA training, WVU B.A. in dental hygiene, CPR training and a business degree. We currently work 5 days a week. Currently, we are providing training/education for dental and dental hygiene students.

Tunnelton is very small but pulls patients from Belington, Maryland, Philippi, and Morgantown and other surrounding areas. There are 3 gas stations with stores; lots of churches; 2 schools. Recreational activities include skiing, mountain biking, Tai Kwuon Do etc. All dentists in the surrounding areas are at least 30 minutes away in any direction.

My personal philosophy is that prevention is the key to good dental health. We stress the 6 month recall. We also try to work with the patient financially so that they are able to get work done. I expect my auxiliaries to know what I want next before I act or to have many things ready. I expect patients to keep up their 6 month recall or at least once a year if there are financial difficulties.

To reach Tunnelton, take Rt 119S to Grafton. Turn left onto Rt 50 East, right on Rt 92 South. Also, you can take Kingwood Pike to Reedsville and right onto Rt 92S around the closed bridge. Or take Rt 7 South to Reedsville and continue on Rt 92S around closed bridge. You can also call the office for short cut directions. The distance from Morgantown is 35 miles and should take 40 minutes driving time.