Don Kines, DDS
Davis, WV

Hello, I am Don Kines. I graduated from West Virginia University School of Dentistry in 1990.

My office address is PO Box 217, 333 William Avenue, Davis, WV 26260 and the office phone number is (304) 259-5225. My office is a general practice located in the midst of a very small town and many of our patients come from the rural surrounding areas. There are 8 operatories, a central sterilization area and a lab. All equipment is modern, sit-down oriented and the front desk area is computerized. I have 3 assistants w/expanded functions and 2 hygienists. I work 4 ½ days a week. I am able to accommodate both right and left handed students.

Davis is a small, relaxed, informal resort type area. There is a grocery store, various restaurants, many churches, a local grade school and a consolidated high school. There is lots of outdoor recreation such as hiking, camping, biking and snow skiing

My personal practice philosophy is that we believe in controlling patient costs and increasing patient awareness. I strive to provide good preventative care. My auxiliaries are thoroughly trained and expected to be part of "the family". I do many, many procedures and cater to my rural patients. My office atmosphere is relaxed but very busy. My patients are my friends.

To reach my office, take I-68 East to Friendsville, MD and exit ST 42 South to US 219. Follow US 219 through Oakland, MD. to Thomas, WV then take ST 32 to Davis. The office is on William Avenue on the left side of the road. From Morgantown, the distance is 79 miles and should take 1 hour 41 minutes driving time.