Bruce L. Cassis, DDS FAGD
Fayetteville, WV

Hello, I am Dr. Bruce L. Cassis. In 1980, I graduated from West Virginia University School of Dentistry and have practiced general dentistry in the Fayetteville area since. I have privileges at Plateau Medical Center and Summersville Memorial Hospital.

Our office is located at 138 Lively Street in Fayetteville, WV. The phone number is (304) 574-0424 and my extension is 13 for voice mail. The office is a stand-alone brick building of approximately 5000 square feet. We have 4 restorative rooms, 3 hygiene rooms, lab room, sterilization room, conference/learning resource room, team lounge with restroom that includes a shower and a washer/dryer, 2 business offices, reception area and my personal office. Our latest room is dedicated to massage therapy as we have incorporated spa amenities to treat our patients. All treatment rooms are rear delivery units to accommodate left and right-handed practitioners. We are digital including restorative and soft tissue procedures. CADCAM (Cerece 3D) is used for ceramic restorations, both crowns and inlays/onlays. For apprehensive patients, we practice conscious sedation that includes nitrous oxide and oxygen analgesia. Workstations are located throughout the office and in each treatment room. Most patients are processed in the treatment rooms with no need to stop at the front desk.

Fayetteville is a designated historic town and is central to our regional tourism area being located equidistant to Summersville and Beckley. There are 2,500 residents in Fayetteville and our market area includes about 30,000 people. We have all major religions represented including Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic and Baptist. Outdoor activities area available all year round including fishing, skiing, rafting and boating. Private and public schools are available. National retailers are represented in our area as well as many local shops.

Philosophically, we believe in treating people as people. Their oral health needs are why they come to our office but they leave knowing we are concerned about them as people first. We take great pride in improving lives, one smile at a time. We make access to health care as easy as possible and make it easy for patients to say "yes" to complete oral health.

We are conveniently located directly off US Route 19 in Fayetteville. Turn onto Lively Street from the north or south and the office is 100 yards on the left. The distance is 135 miles and driving time is about 2 hours.

Visit us on the web at and e-mail us at We look forward to your visit!

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