John A. Capriolo, DDS
Karen Collins, DDS
Peter McCutcheon, DDS
Henry Miller, DDS

V.A. Medical Center, Martinsburg, WV

To do a rural rotation at the Martinsburg VA Medical Center you must have immunization records showing you have been vaccinated for measles, mumps, varicella (chickenpox), Hepatitis A/B virus and the most recent screening for tuberculosis (PPD) if you have tested positive.

You must be fingerprinted at least two weeks prior to your rotation. This can be done at the WV State Police barracks on in Clarksburg   You will need an official VA requirement letter which can be obtained from Mary Monahan at the Dental Practice & Rural Health office.

Hello, I am Dr. John A. Capriolo and welcome to the Dental Service at the VA Medical Center, Martinsburg, WV. As a student rotating to this site, you will find patients with many dental needs including: restorative, crown & bridge, prosthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics and endodontics. I graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 1984, GPR VA-1985.  Dr. Collins graduated from WVU School of Dentisty in 1991,D r. Miller graduated from WVU School of Dentistry in 1995 and Dr. McCutcheon graduated from WVU School of Dentistry in 1995.

My office address is VA Medical Center, Dental Services, Martinsburg, WV 25401 and my office phone number is (304) 263-0811 x 3314. Martinsburg is located in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia and is within easy driving distance to Baltimore and Washington. The VA Medical Center is located seven miles east of Martinsburg, WV in a rural area. The medical center includes medicine, surgery, psychiatry, nursing home and domiciliary. There are 12 operatories, 1 oral surgery suite, large dental lab, and 3 dental hygiene operatories. All operatories are equipped with Ritter chairs and Ritter Escort units. Other support facilities close by are: EENT, radiology, medical library, etc. There are 2 dentists, 2 GP residents, 1 hygienist, 4 assistants, 3 technicians and 2 secretaries. We work a 5 day week. I am able to accommodate both right and left-handed students.

The Martinsburg area has malls, outlets, several demoninations of churches, public and private schools. State and national parks are nearby. This is a growing area wedged between Virginia and Maryland with a good business climate.

My personal practice philosophy is to provide our patients with good oral health both in and out of the hospital environment. Most of our ambulatory patients are appointed and treated like any other dental patient in private practice. Our hospitalized patients present a unique challenge since many of them are very much compromised health wise. The auxiliaries support us in this mission and the patients are often very appreciative of the dental care they receive.

To reach my office, take I-68 East to Hancock, MD. I-70 East to I-81. South on I-81 to Exit 12. Take State Route 9 East to Charlestown, WV. The VA Medical Center is 4.5 miles from Exit 12. Dental Service is on the second floor. From Morgantown, the distance is 154 miles and should take 2 hours 30 minutes driving time.