Screening Protocol Meeting

Location: Room 1106
Event Starts at:
12:00 PM
As a follow-up to our discussion of issues that need to be addressed and/or clarified within our revised screening protocol, I have scheduled a mandatory meeting for all Team Leaders and Dental Hygiene faculty on Thursday, January 30, 2014 from noon to 2 PM in Room 1106.  In an effort to facilitate a more meaningful discussion, we will access Axium to display specific examples of identified issues and then work through any problem resolution or retraining issues.  
Via this e-mail, I have invited Dean Felton, Dr. Dye, and Dr. Veselicky to participate in the discussion for the benefit of their feedback on specific issues.    We may need to do this for a few weeks until we are all comfortable with the process, but we are definitely making progress.   Thanks for all you are doing.
Donna V. Haid