Summer Programs

  •  Brush with Dentistry: A two-day summer program to introduce West Virginia middle school students to the exciting field of dentistry. Students in the 6th-8th grades and their parent/guardians  will participate in hands-on activities and various dental workshops.

  •  Dental ACADEMY: This four-day summer program is available to West Virginia high school students who want to learn more about a career in dentisty. The program offers many educational experiences for participants to learn about the art and science of dentistry while strengthening their understanding of the academic skills and personal attributes needed to attend dental school.

  • Governors Honors Academy Seminar: As part of the multi-week summer program, for West Virginia 11th grade high school students, the West Virginia University School of Dentistry provides an extenstive, multi-module presentation to participants designed to highlight dentistry.

2011 Governor's Honor Academy Highlights

For more information please contact the Office of Dental Recruitment at 304-293-1680 or