Application Process and Deadlines

The School of Dentistry is a participant in the Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). The AADSAS application can be accessed at the ADEA website at  Precise instructions are given on the website to guide applicants through the application process. From the opening screen, select Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS).

The deadline for submission of the completed AADSAS application is November 1st.

Remember to check the requirements for each dental school you are applying to as they vary from school to school. Even though the application deadline is November 1st it is to your advantage to submit your application early, as the committee begins admitting the class on December 1st.


Application Process Deadlines



Early June

AADSAS begins accepting applications for the next year's entering class.


 Dental school begins reviewing applications and sending secondary applications to select candidates.


Interviews begin and continue into the spring.

November 1

AADSAS application deadline.  Applications submitted to AADSAS after this date will not be considered for admission into the class entering in mid-August.

December 1

 The Dental Admissions Committee begins notifying applicants via letter and AADSAS Web Portal regarding their admission status.


If you have questions regarding the AADSAS application, you may contact the application service at 617-612-2045 or email

However, if you have specific questions regarding West Virginia University School of Dentistry’s application process and requirements, please contact the Office of Dental Admissions at 304-293-6646 or email

If you have questions in the following areas of concern, please feel free to contact the appropriate offices listed below.