I.         Course Description

  1. Department Information
    1. Department:
    2. Course Title: 
    3. Course Number:
    4. Credit Hours:
    5. Semester/Year:
    6. Curriculum Level: (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)
    7. Instructor: (name and credentials)
  1. Course Organization
    1. Course Overview (course description)
    2. Methodology
      1. Time (days of week and time)
      2. Readings (texts, journal articles, lab manual, etc.)
      3. Instructional format (lecture, lab, cases, etc.)
      4. Learning experiences (clinic sessions, community service, etc.)
3.         Class size

  1. Course Prerequisites
  1. Program Competencies
This course assists the student in fulfilling the following program competencies:
(Include competency number and statement)
IV.       Course Objectives/Learning Outcomes
V.        Course Outline (include date, topic, and readings, if applicable)
VI.       Measurement and Evaluation

  1. Measurement (describe measures of competency used in course; weight of each measure)
  1. Evaluation (grading scale, etc.)
  1. Remediation
Remediation can be defined as supplemental educational opportunities and/or experiences occurring during a course.  Remediation activities are offered to assist students to be successful in the course.  These activities are to be completed prior to taking the final exam.

  1. Attendance (if mandatory, identify how an absence will affect the student’s grade)
  1. Confidentiality / Copyright Notice
  1. Audio-Video Recording
  1. Social Networking
  1. Social Justice Statement
West Virginia University is committed to social justice.  The instructors of this course concur with West Virginia University’s commitment and expect to maintain a positive learning environment based upon open communication and mutual respect.  Our University does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, veteran status, religion, sexual orientation, color or national origin.  Any suggestions as to how to further such a positive and open environment in this class will be appreciated and given serious consideration. If you are a person with a disability and anticipate needing any type of accommodations in order to participate in this class, please make appropriate arrangements with Disability Services (293-6700).